Monitor Pattern Generators

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A monitor pattern generator is a piece of test equipment which is used mainly for convergence adjustment (color gun alignment) and brightness, contrast, size, and positioning adjustment on arcade monitors. Generally they are handheld battery powered devices, but can also be benchtop models operating on wall socket AC power. The pattern generator outputs several different video patterns which can be used to determine a monitor's condition is the particular arcade machine has a bad gameboard or power supply. Typical patterns generated are crosshatch, color bars, and solid red-green-blue full screen colors (usually selectable). Many pattern generators do NOT include cables so you need to make or have made by someone cables to connect the pattern generator to the particular brand/model of monitors you are repairing

GME model MT830 Pattern Generator

Wells-Gardner Genie Pattern Generator

B & K Precision model 1275 Pattern Generator

CCM model Checker 12E pattern generator
Wico model 72-4461 benchtop pattern generator