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Japan Amusement Machine Manufacturer's Association is a trade association that established a wiring and connector standard for video arcade games. It was adopted by the Amusement Machine Operator's Association (A.M.O.A.) in the USA. The A.M.O.A. also added to those standards starting in the mid 1980's to the present day.

Jamma Boards and information

JAMMA connector pinout including stereo speakers

A.M.O.A. Coin Operated Equipment Standards


In 1988, the A.M.O.A. approved standards to have JAMMA cabinets use unpluggable power supplies. They have a 9 pin DC output connector and a 3 pin AC power input connector. This allows quick swap outs of bad power supplies by simply unplugging the connectors and undoing a couple of mounting screws holding the power supply to the cabinet. The pinout for these connectors are as follows (applies to XT style power supplies and to screw terminal supplies if you want to retrofit an existing screw terminal supply).

9 Pin DC output:

1,2,3: +5 volts (always red wires)

4,5,6: Ground (always black wires)

7: -5 volts (white wire but might also be another color)

8: +12 volts (yellow wire but might also be another color)

9: Empty (spare, not used)

3 pin AC power Input:

1: AC Hot (black wire)

2: Ground (green wire)

3: AC Neutral (white wire)

The power supply itself will use a 9 pin female connector for the DC output and a 3 pin male connector for the AC power input. The cabinet harness will use a 9 pin male connector for the DC output from the power supply and a 3 pin female connector for the AC power going to the power supply. Use these Molex brand connectors:

  • Molex # 03-09-1094 (prefered) or 03-09-1091 female .093" housing, 9 pin
  • Molex # 03-09-2092 (prefered) or 03-09-2091 male .093" housing, 9 pin
  • Molex # 03-09-1032 (prefered) or 03-09-1081 female .093" housing, 3 pin
  • Molex # 03-09-2032 (prefered) or 03-09-2031 male .093" housing, 3 pin
  • Molex # 02-09-1119 female .093" crimp terminal
  • Molex # 02-09-2118 Male .093" crimp terminal